Who The Fuck Am I?

Good question. I am a violently pragmatic, ruthlessly logical engine of rage slapped into the shape of a man. I am a man who consumes information – who educates himself on every topic that comes across his desk. I am also a man who has no patience for the bullshit anymore. The hypocrisy and the ignorance turns my fucking stomach as I watch weak minded people project onto others and lie to themselves.

I just can’t take it anymore. So here I will be calling out any and all offenders. Religion, politics, celebrities, communities, random Facebook idiot… no one is safe and no topic is off limits. I will rant and spit vitriol and explain why what they are doing is a grotesque affront to reason.

Just remember – Popsiclepete

Sidenote: I own none of the artwork used here. If I know who to attribute it to I will. If I don’t – and you do – let me know and I will attribute it. If the art is yours and you are offended that I have used it let me know (Feel free to cuss. I know I will.) and I will take it down.

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