Welcome to Free Floating Hostility

I know what you are thinking. “Who are you? Why should I care who you are? How did you get into my house?” Trust me. I’ve heard them all before. Many times without the cops being involved. My name is Eric Woods and I’m going to be your Hostile Master for our time together. It’s like being a Dungeon Master but angrier and potentially needing an alibi. I am a ruthlessly logical man raised on a steady diet of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and George Carlin. I will argue with almost anyone, win on technical and factual merit, and explain exactly why and how you have disappointed your parents. To me debate is just another game and what game is complete without trash talk?

SO what am I going to be doing here? You might be wondering if readers were a thing I had. I am starting a Twitch and Youtube channel under the Free Floating Hostility brand so to speak. This is will be the nerve center of that endeavor. Here you will be notified of new posts on Youtube, streaming times and titles, logs and descriptions of my tabletop rps, and such. It will be the one stop shopping of all things Free Floating Hostility.

So I will be streaming video games and streaming Actual Plays of various roleplaying games. I will review rpgs and video games. I will talk about various aspects of tabletop gaming. I will make a lot of jokes (many of them quite dark) along the way. I might even rant a little here and there when something causes my blood pressure to spike 2 or 3 hundred points.

At the bottom of this post I will lay out the general plan but first I wanted to address the series of articles called Societal Ills. I thought about taking these down when I repurposed this blog. I thought about how having such inflammatory language and opinions out there could hurt a burgeoning brand and then I said “Fuck that.” I chose the name Free Floating Hostility for a fucking reason.

With that out of the way let’s get to the general plan. I plan to stream 2 – 4 hours per day. Hopefully closer to the 4 hour than the 2 hour mark but my health can best be described as a raging dumpster fire and some days I will only have so much energy. These streams will be broken up into episodes and uploaded daily on Youtube. Most of the games I play will be Playstation or PC. Most of the roleplaying games I run will be obscure or indie. This isn’t a bias. I love 5e and Pathfinder and all that but everyone who streams games streams them. I want to showcase rpgs you might never have heard of. RPGs are one of my great passions and I want to spread that love.

I will be joined occasionally by the little gathering of misfits I call my friends and my better half Shannon. You’ll love her, Fantastic voice and quite possibly the sweetest human alive. Also she has terrible taste in men and bad eyesight. This is a wonderful combination in a woman. For me at least.

Alright. I think that is enough rambling. Let’s see how this goes.

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