Preaching Without Practicing

You know I’ve had the idea of this blog in my head for a long time now but I never really knew how to start it. Do I share posts of idiots getting flayed on social media? Do I try to give a thoughtful, almost journalistic air to it and try for some level of dignity? Do I write a rant and see how many different ways I can use fuck in a sentence (and it’s quite a lot I assure you)? If you’ve read anything from my other blog I think you can guess which option I chose.

And what topic could I choose for my first post?  There are so many things that fucking infuriate me about society and people that it was a struggle to find a starting place. Do I use a general topic or attack something specific? Then the last couple of days and it became clear what my first topic needed to be. A cancerous little topic that eats at me every time I encounter it.

Hypocrisy – and if you don’t know what that is stop reading this blog and finish high school.

And what brought this to mind? This.

Followed by this.

And this.

And about a million other responses. Honestly I could do an entire blog just archiving the idiocy spilling from the mouths of the followers of Trumpelstiltskin. Such rage. Such vitriol. Such a lack of understanding of how a boycott works. All from people who spend much of their time screaming about how the Left are hateful, angry, snowflakes – and then NIKE puts the bad football man who knelt in their add and they all suffer a Chernobyl level meltdown as they burn their shoes on camera. Shoes they have already paid for…

*rubs the bridge of his nose as the migraine approaches*

This lack of self awareness… this willful blindness to the dissonance of their words and actions… this hypocrisy is endemic to the Right’s outrage culture. They proudly scream about loving America and the Constitution – and then scream when someone other than them exercises their Constitutional rights. They crow about how the Left wants to oppress political opponent’s words and messages – and then scream at the President to oppress a political opponent’s words and message.

It’s not just this example. They react this way to everything. They offer “Thoughts and prayers” while bodies are still cooling on the floors of our schools – and then threaten children when they say they want common sense gun laws to keep it from happening again. They condemn trans people using the bathroom of their identified sex but say nothing when the Church is found to be covering up child molestation by its priests – and you can count on every one of these bastards being “Christian”. It is probably in their bio or they will have some dumb fuck quote like “I stand for the flag and kneel for the Lord”.

How about their reaction to sane people’s condemnation of Roseanne? They say we took things too far. That she has freedom of speech (I fucking hate this argument because it shows just how few of these Bible thumping, flag waving poster children for why syphilis should be treated before it gets into the brain have ever read the Constitution – or the Bible for that matter) and the Left is being fascist in how they treat her. But do they remember their reaction to Meryl Streep’s speech at the Golden Globes? They wanted to boycott her and make sure she never worked again.

The more you look at it it looks less and less like moral outrage doesn’t it? Less and less like it is a matter of patriotism or principle or faith. The more you look at it the more you come to see it for what it is. Hate. Tribalistic hate. See this culture has been nurtured among the Right. Fearful, xenophobic, superficially religious to give them a false appearance of moral authority, and dead certain that anyone who disagrees with their way of life is evil and sick and determined to destroy America. They are taught that education is a Liberal tool for recruitment. They are taught to look towards figures of authority for guidance.

You know what they aren’t taught? Critical thinking. Self awareness. Empathy. They are blind. Unaware of the cancerous nature of all of this. Too wrapped up in their own self righteousness to even begin to see how wrong they have been. Too busy condemning intellectuals to bother listening to what they have to say. Too busy swallowing what their leaders tell them rather than looking into it themselves.

And I know I have only touched the surface of this topic. There are so many facets to this plague that has been unleashed upon this country. So many vantage points and angles from which to attack this. And I know also that the Right and their cult are not the only offenders here but they are the ones clogging up my social media feeds at the moment so here we are.

The simple truth is that I am tired of watching people preach without practicing. I am tired of them saying one thing and doing another. I am tired of double standards. I am tired of people accusing others of the sins they themselves commit. I am tired of the demonization of education and intelligence.

I don’t know whether this blog is me attempting to fight back or if it is just me trying to stay sane in a society that seems to have less and less of a place for me with every passing day but I can’t sit by without saying anything anymore. The time for silence has passed, The time for civility has passed. Now it is time to call out all of the assholes. And I know this can be hard for many who have been raised to be respectful and be civil.

But, luckily for all of you, I am not at all civil and I have a hell of a lot of free time.

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