First Night Lessons and Plans

So I accomplished my first night of streaming. Along the way I dealt with a number of issues including technical ones and my failure to take into account how hard comedy can be when you don’t have a live audience. Thankfully I can learn from my fuck ups. I don’t like making them but I can learn from them.

So what did I learn from last night?

1. I need to turn the gain down on my mic. The only people who need to hear me breath are me, my doctor, and the people I am making dirty calls to at night.

2. I need to learn how to edit out breathing. Taken care of! Thanks, Brock!

3. I need to play games that give me more to react to and play off until I actually have a Twitch audience.

4. I need to take weekends off to render videos for Youtube because it takes my rig about 4 hours to render a video. This is why I will not be streaming tomorrow.

But I still accomplished what I set out to do. I streamed about 1:45 minutes of both Subnautica and Soma. Both can be found in their entirety on Twitch and the first episode of the Subnautica stream can be found on Youtube.

The plan tonight is to stream an hour and a half of Darkest Dungeon starting at 9:30 and then after a short break return to freaky robot hell in Soma. Join me on Twitch. Hope to see you there.


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