Real Plans

After a few days of playing around, seeing how things work, and what people seem to respond to the best I now have a better idea of how things are going to go from here on out. The first decision here is that I am discontinuing my Subnautica playthrough. I love the game but that is also the problem. It is a very Zen game for me. I get lost in all the details and environment. It means that I am leaving a lot of dead air and it’s harder for me to do real commentary on it. Also you can hear way too much of my AC during it. So until I get more comfortable with the whole streaming commentary gig I am going to put it on the backburner.

My current games will be Darkest Dungeon and Soma. Though I won’t be playing Soma tonight because something in my install seems to be corrupted but I have my elgato and so I will simply install Soma on my PS4 and play up to the point I was on the stream. I will just do that after I finish streaming for the night tonight. Then tomorrow hit the regular schedule.

SO here is the plan for now.

M – T  Darkest Dungeon at 9:30 PM EST     &      Soma at 11:00 PM EST

W  Darkest Dungeon at 7:00 PM EST

Th – F  Darkest Dungeon at 9:30 PM EST     &      Soma at 11:00 PM EST


The date announcement for the first of my roleplaying game streams which will be Kult: Divinity Lost and most likely be on Saturday nights. When still needs to be agreed upon.

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