Real Plans and the Curse of Shitty Health

Well… these first couple of weeks of streaming have not gone as smoothly as I had hoped. The technical issues and learning curve and the need to revise my original plans I expected. The sudden violent health issues of the past week less so. Basically I got super inflamed (thanks to the weather and chronic issues) …which led to mass amounts of pain …which led to even less sleep than usual for this insomniac …which led to increased symptoms from schizophrenia. Doesn’t that sound fun, boys and girls?


It doesn’t sound fun to anyone?

Yeah I’m with you on that bullshit. Even with the main symptoms dealt with I still feel like shit but slightly less terrible shit. Enough that I am able to function at least a little. Which meant thankfully that I got to run the Session 0 for the channel’s first rpg campaign The Right Hand of the Devil. I am really looking forward to that. If I could I would gladly run an rp session 5 days a week. In fact my plan with the channel is as I get followers and subscribers would be to transition more towards roleplay focused content. Storytelling is my jam. But that’s enough about roleplaying games for the moment. I’ll get back to that in another post later today.

Now even though I have been sick that doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about the channel and how to make it work best for me. How to stand out. How to diversify my material. How to make it all work best with my sense of humor. How to make it work with my health and my …mental eccentricities.

That’s a really nice way of saying I’m crazy.

So here is my plan version 3.

M – T  7pm – 9pm EST  Video Games of my choice

W        7pm – 9pm EST  Public Domain Fuckery

Th-F    7pm – 9pm EST  Video Games of my choice

S          10pm – 1am EST  The Right Hand of the Devil (GODLIKE campaign)

Now what is Public Domain Fuckery? You might ask if you were real and I wasn’t just talking to myself in blog form. This is where I provide (usually accompanied by a friend) commentary on public domain films. And by commentary I mean mock, deride, and just generally MST3K the fuck out of these movies. Occasionally I will even have short films in front of the main course.

This Wednesday will be Ninja Death 1 but first will be the 1950’s gay panic movie Boys Beware. It should be a lot of fun.

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