The Right Hand of the Devil

As some of you may have guessed by now I have a less than firm grasp on the passage of time. Punctuality is not a trait I possess in any real abundance. Add that to the comedy of errors that this week has been and it is little surprise that it took me this long... Continue Reading →

Real Plans Part 2

Okay... my first week could have gone better. My health was not cooperative. There was a death in the family. And I may have absolutely bungled my timelines. So I have had a lot to think about over the course of the last couple of days as I adjust to my new meds. Some of... Continue Reading →

Real Plans

After a few days of playing around, seeing how things work, and what people seem to respond to the best I now have a better idea of how things are going to go from here on out. The first decision here is that I am discontinuing my Subnautica playthrough. I love the game but that... Continue Reading →

First Night Lessons and Plans

So I accomplished my first night of streaming. Along the way I dealt with a number of issues including technical ones and my failure to take into account how hard comedy can be when you don't have a live audience. Thankfully I can learn from my fuck ups. I don't like making them but I... Continue Reading →

Rape Culture in Action

Like much of the country I have been watching the Brett Kavanaugh story unfold. I have watched Dr. Christine Blasey Ford come forward with her story. I have listened to each accuser's story. I have listened to every defense. I have done research and studied video of the people involved. All to come to one... Continue Reading →

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